FAQs (SleepBudd™ All-Round Sleep Pillow)

A: Poor sleep posture is a leading cause of pain. The SleepBudd™ All-Round Sleep Pillow helps reduce back and neck pain, along with tension headaches and shoulder pain, by supporting your spine through the night.

Q: Will this help with my back and neck pain?

Q: I’m a light sleeper. Will this help me sleep more soundly?

A: Light sleep is often due to discomfort, stress, or snoring. The SleepBudd™ All-Round Sleep Pillow help by giving you a comfortable, supportive sleep position that aids breathing to help you sleep more deeply.

Q: Is this good for travel?

A: Yes! The SleepBudd™ All-Round Sleep Pillow is light and easy to transport and can be used anywhere – on planes, in hotels or even in your car. It works in any sleep position.

Q: Do you think this would make a good gift?

A: Yes – many customers go on to buy extra pillows for their friends and family. It makes a great present for people who work long hours or travel frequently, or for older people suffering from joint and muscle pain.

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